Starfish Bloom: Fashion, Beauty, Arts!

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STARFISH BLOOM is a Fashion|Beauty|Arts Program designed for girls, ages 5 to 17 residing in the city of Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding areas.


1. To build self-esteem, self-confidence, self-determination, and poise in our girls through exposure to the exciting world of fashion, beauty and the creative arts.

2. To teach our girls to love themselves, inside & out, regardless of color, shape, or size, within a nurturing and supportive creative environment.

3. To assist our girls in holistically developing into articulate, cultured, educated & fearless women within global society.

Our programming is Fashion|Beauty|Arts based, and all lectures, workshops, and classes are facilitated by highly respected fashion, beauty & creative industry professionals.

STARFISH BLOOM strongly believes in the infinite potential that lives within in our girls, that can flourish to great levels, if nurtured. We also believe in the great power of believing in oneself. Within our program will affirm the positive attributes of our girls, in effort to amplify their confidence, and foster balance and focus in all they wish to achieve creatively, academically, and professionally, throughout their lives.

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