First Look: SimplSend UI Concept.

by Sky Sister Studio. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.

My personal favorites when it comes to file sharing are Google Drive and Dropbox (how original ;-). I’ve also completed tasks via other methods including proprietary software, and popular business solutions like Hightail (formerly YouSendIt), and BaseCamp. However, I’ve come to realize that they aren’t the “perfect” solution in every situation. And as a contractor, there are numerous occasions where none of platforms can be used (as in not allowed) at that moment. And, there are still people who don’t know how to use these platforms – or don’t like them.

I’m not the only one who encounters this – there are a few file sharing services that intend to make things even easier than the widely recognized names in sending off files. But my inspiration (not surprisingly) is based on demands as a Designer – which tend to include being conscious/conscientious of the time of others who are working on the project with me. What if there was a way for someone (project manager, creative director, other “project partners”) to quickly send me the exact files needed without having to so much as remember what I asked of them? The interface would be so simple that it’s almost like a built-in checklist was created to get them inspired to send the files and fully translate their vision to me so I can just get to work?


Not too much going on when you arrive at the site. This is intentional, as the user will not be overwhelmed by features or information. I’m thinking that the designer will have a username/password already setup for the project partners to use right away. (Possibly offer a way to send files without an account? Or quick registration via Facebook or Google+?)


Scrolling down (just a little!) you see there are three sections: the Visual Dashboard (should this be renamed “Drag & Drop Dashboard”?), the Simple Dashboard, and a section for Communication. There is no footer. It just doesn’t seem necessary to me right now. See below for the closeup.


So what happens after login?


You get a welcome screen of course! But on the same page.


The menu layout is also identical to the pre-login stage. But is now ready for the project partners’ data.


The visual dashboard allows project partners to drag and drop the files required for the Designer to work. There is a sort of inherent checklist, as certain sections “suggest” that you upload the logo files, sketches, and brand guidelines. This puts less pressure on project partners to remember what to send.


The simple dashboard is an even cleaner option for project partners who are used to this sort of interface. It puts less pressure on them having to learn how to use yet another platform. Future updates to this section will include the “inherent checklist.”

The Communication tab and (possibly) another feature will be discussed soon.


While there are many file-sharing services out there (great ones), I think that there is room for more that are tailored to specific functions. The web is undergoing (as usual) a transition into more of an app-like environment where a site may be less feature-rich and more function-specific.

So that’s it for now – this is a work in progress so I look forward to sharing updates.