POP: Ultimate Pie Chart Icon Set.
This vector icon set was created after hearing one too many times, “Are those pie charts exact?” Sometimes it’s challenging for people to visualize percentages in a stylised chart outside of Excel. So it’s designed to let you move the pieces around and make your own sets of data. FORMATSAll formats included are editable: there are […] Read more – ‘POP: Ultimate Pie Chart Icon Set.’.
Ideas on Paper: 10 Best Wireframe Printables.
When you’re designing a presentation, client proposal, product or service demonstration – or planning a website or a mobile app: sketching and wire framing are great ways to quickly visualize the process. Even when you’re hiring someone to execute the project, thinking of things like the placement of major layout elements early on in a […] Read more – ‘Ideas on Paper: 10 Best Wireframe Printables.’.
Ice Cream Infographic | The Animation
With thousands of views from multiple sites (Visual.ly, Infographipedia, Pinterest, and more), numerous tweets and likes, and references to it when comissioned for more infographics, it’s safe to say that the “What’s in that Ice Cream” infographic is one of the most popular ones I’ve had the pleasure of creating to date. Naturally, it came to mind […] Read more – ‘Ice Cream Infographic | The Animation’.
Introducing: About Your Website.
In late 2012, I decided to discontinue offering full web design services in order to focus on information design. So, of course, I started to get more requests than ever to design sites. I had to decline, but it got me to thinking – many people need the same thing in terms of the look and […] Read more – ‘Introducing: About Your Website.’.
The Skills Required to Be a Good Designer.
Creative thinking, research, ergonomics, Adobe…take a look at this minimal layout of 20 skills required across the Design Industry. (via DesignTaxi – a daily-updated international creative media that bridges diverse creative and design disciplines.) Read more – ‘The Skills Required to Be a Good Designer.’.
3 Useful Fonts for Non-Designers.
Some of the most practical font collections can become lost in the many choices available. Here are three practical Dingbat fonts that every Professional should consider – especially if you’re not a designer. Read more – ‘3 Useful Fonts for Non-Designers.’.
Saying Something: Social Networks in 2012
Years ago, just after college, I was listening to a roommate go on and on about how great Facebook was. I thought it was silly and that I would never get involved in any of the “new” online social networking platforms. After all – how much did those sites really offer back then? I didn’t […] Read more – ‘Saying Something: Social Networks in 2012’.
Minimalist Business Card Design Featured on Inspiration Site.
My minimalist business card design was featured on a fantastic inspirational blog – a collection of “printed ideas“…amazing work on this site. When creating a business card you have seemingly endless options to make it memorable. It can employ unusual materials or  shapes, incredible attention to details, etc. But a minimalist look has merit as well […] Read more – ‘Minimalist Business Card Design Featured on Inspiration Site.’.
Drafted to Dribbble!
(Yes, it’s d-r-i-b-b-b-l-e) Dribbble.com invited me to showcase my work with their international community of designers! (“Dribbble has been out long enough that designers have started taking sides. Some sing the praises of the talent and quality of work that are on Dribbble, but others condemn it as a group of elitist designers. I would make […] Read more – ‘Drafted to Dribbble!’.
Design Lessons from London 2012.
(Main Image: Stepping onto the London Eye. Photo by me and the iPhone. Edited via Instagram.) This summer I was fortunate enough to be in one of the many crowds of people on the flights, buses, trains, and the tube enjoying the hustle and bustle of London (during the Olympics!). The London 2012 Games highlighted […] Read more – ‘Design Lessons from London 2012.’.
“Breakups” Infographic on GlocallyNewark.com
In light of recent news that more than 26,000 fellow New Jerseyans have seen their extended unemployment benefits expire in July (along with 100,000 more Americans by the end of the year), it looks as though that many more will look to social media for their next opportunity.   Read more – ‘“Breakups” Infographic on GlocallyNewark.com’.
Thoughts on NJ Tech Meetup 17 Featured on NJ.com
The NJ Tech Meetup is a monthly meeting of 100+ entrepreneurs and innovators. Monthly meetings are held at the Stevens Institute of Technology campus in Hoboken, NJ to hear from smart feature speakers and interesting startups. The goal is an atmosphere of sharing best practices and learning from both failure and success. See what happened […] Read more – ‘Thoughts on NJ Tech Meetup 17 Featured on NJ.com’.
“What’s in that Ice Cream” Infographic Featured on Infographipedia
Arguably the largest collection of infographics gathered from datavis fanatics all over the world, Infographipedia found mine somewhere on the web and featured it. How awesome is that? Read more – ‘“What’s in that Ice Cream” Infographic Featured on Infographipedia’.
Structure is Beautiful.
We are in a world buzzing with Entrepreneurs: people who have “decided to be their own boss,” “live the dream,” and “stop making others richer” by striking out on their own.  Continuously looking at and revising how we communicate is more important than ever. This is from experience! Hopefully you will find this somewhat humorous […] Read more – ‘Structure is Beautiful.’.
What’s on for the Summer? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Among the exciting techy happenings in the NYC area is the vast new (well, new-ish) love for “infographics.” Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. The goals of infographics are  to provide a visual explanation that helps you more easily understand, find or do something. I’m excited that it’s […] Read more – ‘What’s on for the Summer? [INFOGRAPHIC]’.
Typography for Promotion. [VIDEO]
Sometimes it takes the right words at the right time to pull off a project on short notice. We put them in a richly colored and extremely readable typeface/layout for the filming;proper scripting made this a painless process. A real-life application of graphic design. This PSA delivered the message: a need for volunteers - in a concise manner. Because sometimes all you get is just a few seconds to make your case...but that's all you really need! Read more – ‘Typography for Promotion. [VIDEO]’.