Why Photoshop CC is going to be good for absolutely everyone involved.

by Sky Sister Studio. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.


The switch from boxed software to Creative Cloud (CC) was not an easy transition for many Creatives. We were used to saving up the massive cost every few years for an updated version of Creative Suite, or even securing a copy through alternative measures. So when Adobe officially announced that they would no longer sell traditional copies/licenses…well it was dramatic and even traumatic for some, since under the new regime one might spend upwards of $50/mo, every month…this means paying every yearforever.

For the record | I see the subscription as a reasonable cost of doing business, as it’s actually much cheaper depending on how much one uses it: I use it daily and receive far more incredibly intuitive/useful features than I did using Creative Suite (CS).

But…people made their decisions and moved on – whether to fall in line with Creative Cloud, to hold on to their old CS for a bit longer, to purchase CS6 and see how long it stays relevant, to find open-source software, or…alternative measures.

But one of the most important events in my opinion is the new level of accessibility Adobe is providing via the Photoshop CC subscription. Instead of paying the full fee, anyone can own a feature-packed Photoshop CC subscription for $10/mo.

I think versions of this have been available for a little while now for those who had copies of CS3 or later, but at the #CCNext event in NYC today, it was officially announced as open to the public. As a Creative, I find this new subscription to be a big deal – not for me as I’m happy with my current setup – but for other professionals I work with/for (non-creatives). Why?

People who aren’t necessarily “Creatives” will find this extremely useful as more and more of what everyone does must be visual – and as more entrepreneurs in all fields are willing to learn basic editing, coding, and designing.  This package will save Creatives a lot of headaches from people who feel their services should be priced lower or move faster. To put it nicely, tasks that aren’t feasible to send to a Creative can be completed by the non-Creative professional themselves. There will also be a new level of appreciation towards Creatives once this newly lowered barrier to entry spreads. Just as there are templates and free services galore, once people were able to try their own hand at them, they could see the value Creatives bring even more.

So…as the speakers demonstrated at #CCNext, the new Photoshop subscription service promotes creativity, productivity and efficiency – in more ways than one.