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First Look: SimplSend UI Concept.

First Look: SimplSend UI Concept.

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Coming Soon | Powerpoint Samples Online
Powerpoint…some decks are traditional. Some set the trends. But good presentations share the ability to convey a message quickly, concisely, and memorably. The recurring purpose is to present a concept in a way that grips and holds your attention. The continued rise of slides as the standard digital communication medium has surprised many…so much so that the demand for well designed […] Read more – ‘Coming Soon | Powerpoint Samples Online’.
The PowerPoint Overview| Part One.
PowerPoint (.ppt) is one of the biggest indicators of intentional design (or lack thereof). “Death by PowerPoint” related tweets, memes, slideshows, and articles are a fun way to waste 15 minutes: there are some really scary .ppts in the world, aren’t there? But the reality is that PowerPoint is only an application – a tool for a […] Read more – ‘The PowerPoint Overview| Part One.’.
Why Photoshop CC is going to be good for absolutely everyone involved.
The switch from boxed software to Creative Cloud (CC) was not an easy transition for many Creatives. We were used to saving up the massive cost every few years for an updated version of Creative Suite, or even securing a copy through alternative measures. So when Adobe officially announced that they would no longer sell traditional copies/licenses…well […] Read more – ‘Why Photoshop CC is going to be good for absolutely everyone involved.’.
POP Icons Make a Splash on Creative Market!
The beta version of POP Icons (Meaning: “Piece of the Pie”) was downloaded well over 1000 times via Twitter and Dribbble, and the full version is now getting some great attention on Creative Market – a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world. This vector icon set was created after hearing one […] Read more – ‘POP Icons Make a Splash on Creative Market!’.
If you’ve visited the site before, you may notice that the logo is replaced with something even simpler than the last. Why? The focus of Sky Sister Studio continues to evolve. One theme that played over and over in my mind is that the purpose of the site is to act as a portfolio, showing businesses […] Read more – ‘Signature.’.
I Don’t Like the Trajan Font But Many People Do.
Why does it seem as though everyone who is anyone loves the Trajan Pro font? I happen to dislike it intensely. It’s unreadable at small sizes. It has a bizarre small caps system. It’s overused by the movie industry. It’s the Helvetica of the non-designer world – people assume it’s a classic and can be used […] Read more – ‘I Don’t Like the Trajan Font But Many People Do.’.